• Does Facetyme offer a free membership?

Facetyme membership is and will always be free.

• Email verification is required but gmail won't permit me to verify. What can I do?

Check your SPAM folder. While it's not SPAM, your personal settings may need to be adjusted (simply mark the message as not SPAM) so that future messages be directed to the proper folder.

• Why is there a pro option?

While anyone can participate in our pro option, it is primarily an option intended for our members who are also business owners. With this option, they can promote their pages and therefore their businesses, across the Facetyme platform more broadly.

• If I have a concern, an issue or even a suggestion, can I contact Facetyme?

Certainly! We have worked to make reaching out to us as easy as clicking our Contact Us link.

• I want to see a video full screen. Can I do this on Facetyme?

You sure can! Simply double-click the video to view it full screen!

• What sizes should I use for my profile cover and profile images?

The best size for your cover image is 1108px X 360px. In order to make things less complicated, the same size is also set for page and group cover images.

The best size for your profile image is 512px X 512px. This also applies to the pages and groups.