They deleted our page and banned
me for 30-days. All they succeeded in
doing was to make my will stronger.

From: the desk of Ron Cowart

As many of you are aware now, Teri and I had our Pics2Plaques Facebook page totally deleted by Facebook administrators. The why behind their doing so is far from known, as they won't respond to any inquires, provided they receive them to begin with. I've never seen an organization, that is so large, to be completely out of touch with their members, unless it's to solicit those members advertising.

Anyway, I won't beat a dead horse, so allow me to tell you why our loss is your gain!

We now have a new page (linked below), where orders can once again be made and our posts will continue. And since the main, most obvious difference is that the new page is far from the "old platform," none of the likes that you, our dedicated customers, made, here is what we're doing/offering.

For those who see this and follow the link, to like our new page, we're going to discount your next plaque order (up to two plaques per customer please), by going back in time to our original prices, prior to the pandemic escalation of prices for our supplies, across the board. In other words, after liking our page, you can order up to two medium-sized plaques, two large-sized plaques or a combination of the two, and only pay the "original" price noted below.

To top things off, we're going to give you plenty of time in which to exercise this special offering. You can make your order anytime prior to 31 December 2022 and if you have liked our page, your discount will be honored. It's really that easy!

Here is the link to the new page....

And if you're of a mind to, I'm now maintaining a presence over there as well.....

Finally, thank you ALL for your past support. We truly look forward to this new beginning.